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All your base are belong to us!

July 18, 2005 Leave a comment
Who doesn’t remeber this classic?!?!
DL it there or just view it in all its madness here:  All Your Base Are Belong To Us SWF
Oh ya…get your learn on:  Where it all began…
PS.  Go Midgard!  Go Alliance!  Go CT Team!  Go USMC!  All your base are belong to us!!!!

SpamPal for Windows: POP3 and IMAP4 free spam filter application

June 28, 2005 Leave a comment

Spam is annoying.  We all get it, and we all hate it.  I really don’t need an email from a stranger asking if I want to enlarge any part of my body.  Nor do I want my wife to come into my office and see a piece of spam mail asking if I am interested in meeting other women.  So how do I prevent this spam from reaching my inbox?  I use SpamPal for Windows.  A friend recommended this free application years ago and I have been using it ever since.

Setting up this application is a little cumbersome, but if you follow the directions carefully you will have it up and running in no time.  It has white lists, so you can prevent the mass mailings you subscribe to from being blocked.  It will mark suspect mail with a tag of your choosing.  It updates its white and black lists often.  I believe it does send statistics from your pc to their web site about how much spam your client blocked.  If you are concerned about this, then you may not want to install the application.

When new updates for the application come out it notifies you.  You can go directly to the site to get the updates, or discard them.  Like I said before, I have had this application for several years now.  I still use it even though I have Outlook 2003.  SpamPal catches all my spam, but it does catch mass mailing subscriptions I have as well.  I could add them to the white list, but I find that they often change, so you will have to constantly add new mailing hosts to the white list.  It gets to be a bit high maintenance, so I just sort through all the good mail that was marked as spam and move it back to my inbox.

Overall, this seems to be the best POP3/IMAP4 spam filter I have ever used.  I highly recommend you check it out if you are sick and tired of spammers!!