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Pre SP2 Exchange 2010 Management Pack

July 24, 2012 Leave a comment

MSFT pulled their most recent update to the Exchange 2010 MP. No one can get the updated version or previous versions. I have had several emails sent to me asking for the previous MP and have sent the file to those who requested it. Since so many people are looking for it and MSFT has not provided it, I have decided to put it up on my spaces page. If you want the pre sp2 Exchange 2010 MP, then go here and get it.

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Frustrated on How to Configure SQL Server Analysis Services for VMM?

July 3, 2012 3 comments

So I am trying to get VMM 2012 really integrated into SCOM 2012.  There are a few reports that will not work without SQL Analysis Services and integration from VMM.  Well to get VMM to work with this you have to install Analysis Management Objects on your VMM Management Server.  So I do this.   So I try to connect, but I get the same issue (AMO not installed).   I bounce the VMM management server, and when it comes up I try to connect and integrate SSAS and it works.

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