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Simple Custom Management Packs for SCOM

The past few days I have had to create a few lightweight custom management packs for our ops teams.  They gave me the requirements (pretty light) and I set out to build the management packs for them.  One MP is for OCS that will discovery OCS installation, then defines two roles (Communicator Web Access and Front End role).  I have a few state views and the health roles up to the application level.  Initial discovery is a bit lame, as it is only looking for RTC key and Version (which any place OCS is installed will get detected – I plan on fixing this). 

We use FaceTime Vantage for IM auditing (this was called ImAuditor).  The ops teams want to monitor the dedicated IMAuditor servers as well as the Front End Process Controller service on select OCS front ends.  So I have created my FaceTime Vantage management pack.  Again, lightweight, but you can extend or modify it as you see fit.

Finally we needed to monitor OCS Group Chat.  The requirements for this was just to monitor the two services on Group Chat.  We did get a document from MSFT about counters to evaluate, but I haven’t included those in the MP yet. 

All discoveries are set to run once a day.  Health rolls up from the lowest application component classes (for service monitoring only) to the application level.  I put the sealed versions in one zip file and the unsealed in another.

If you use these, then great, if you don’t then I can’t blame ya!  😉  Remember if you do decide to use these management packs, make sure you test them before putting any of them into production.  The primary reason for releasing these was just to give some first time authors a sense of how you might go about creating a basic application management pack.  You can download them from my sky drive here.

Enjoy and happy authoring!

Views for each of the management packs if imported:


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  1. Scott Pullenn
    November 17, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    This may be a little far from the topic, but I found this product that allows you to create custom rules for a generic network Management Pack. The product is called Xian Network Manager Io R2. Apparently this solution extends the monitoring capabilities of Ops Mgr. They also have another product that has some really cool features, it’s called Xian Wings, which allows you to see the Ops Mgr console directly on your mobile device, graph performance data, receive real time alerts and some other interesting capabilities. It seems that both are fairly easy to install and can help you monitor some 500 devices or more.

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