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OCS R2 Classes cause grief for Green Machine V 1.03

We use Tim Helton’s Green Machine to reset the health of our various applications.  I wanted to reset the health of OCS, but ran into some issues.  Green Machine should be run against non-abstract classes (OCS R2 Enterprise Edition is a non abstract class, Microsoft.OCS.ServerRole is abstract).  Furthermore, best practices for class format is to use a ‘.’ as a separator not a ‘_’.  The OCS MP does achieve this for the QoE portion of the MP (the only view with a STATE view), but not for the remainder of the classes.

The results of my attempts to run Green Machine against a few OCS classes:



I was able to get in contact with Tim to see if he could modify his tool to work around this issue and he added the ability to run it against a group (he knocked it out the change in a day, thanks Tim!).   I have not tried his most recent updated tool to see if this will work, but I will let you know that v 1.03 will not work with the OCS R2 classes.  Keep in mind this is not because of a short coming in Tim’s tool, the culprit here is the OCS management pack itself.  So if you are monitoring OCS R2 with SCOM and or testing a custom monitor, be prepared to do a lot of manual resets or create a group containing your OCS servers and try Tim’s new v1.04 of Green Machine R2 against it.

~~Updated so as to clairify that this was not a problem with Tim’s tool.  Original title might have lead people to believe that.  This is not the case.~~

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