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Add a class filter to make performance reporting easier

At my job I have to create performance reports and schedule them to be delivered on a weekly basis to a group of people.  In the past, finding the right object from the "Add Object" window was painful.  I could never seem to find everything I was trying to find.  So the other day, I clicked on the "Options" button and saw I could filter by Class.  This helped me to find all the objects I was looking for without trying to enter a search phrase for the object.

Below is the outline on how to do this.

1) Go to the reporting pane of the operations console and open the Generic Performance report.


2) Create a new chart and new series and click add object.


3) At the Add Object window click ‘Options’


4) In the Options window click ‘Add…’


5) In the Add Class window type the name of the class and pick the class (or classes) you want to filter against.




6) Review your selections.


7) Now if you search without a filter you will return only Windows Computer and Exchange 2003 Physical Installations.  Notice it tells you that a Filter Option has been applied.


This list is easier to manage compared to a list of all object imho.  Happy reporting!

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