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SCOM: MP Catalog moves to PinPoint

  …And it feels like a major pain point.  I don’t know how this got approved, but maybe with enough feedback we can get MSFT to revert this, and or make it better.

Searching for a MP in the old MP catalog was pretty simple and straight forward:

1) Go to the Catalog


2) Pick your criteria



3) View your results and sort by various criteria!


83 management packs by Microsoft for SCOM 07 all listed on one page and sort able by various columns (name, release date, etc)!!  Alright let’s do this!

Oh, but those days are soon to come to an end whenever they turn that link off I gave you at the top.  If you go to the SCOM product page and click on ‘Find Management Packs and Connectors’ link (as seen below). 


Then you will be directed to the new site.


Search for Exchange 2003 and I get two results:


If you look at the works with drop down boxes, you will notice SCOM R2 is pre selected.  So you will need to change that to your version of SCOM/MOM.  I changed mine to SCOM 2007 and price “Free” and that gave me one result for Exchange 2003.


As I changed what I searched for, the “works with products” selections never changed, but my results for OCS were a bit off:


This is not user friendly, very clunky, and time consuming for people who want to quickly find and download management packs.  Where’s the apple guy when you need him to do a new commercial?  I doubt that five year old kid who is a “PC” could figure this out.  Oh she can take pictures, transfer them to her laptop and print them out, but ask her to find a management pack on pinpoint and she will probably have to go to the “naughty” corner for the language that comes out of her mouth.

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  1. Unknown
    January 5, 2010 at 3:21 am

    I could not agree more… I have a logged a support call with Microsoft to find out if the person who approved this change can be sent back to his village.

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