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SCOM 2007 SP1: Application MP tuning in POST SP1 Hotfix Lab for Production SP1 Environment

I recently have had to do a lot of tuning for the Exchange 2003 MP.  Our labs are SP1 with the post SP1 HF.  If you have deployed this post SP1 HF rollup, then you know that some of the SCOM libraries get updated as well.  While tuning the Exchange 2003 MP I was sure to only target the correct application classes.  Happy with my tuning efforts I exported the MP and tried to put it into the SP1 production environment.  This failed because the override MP had a dependency on the Windows Library MP that was now a .100 from .0.  I hacked the manifest and changed that from a .100 to a .0 and was then able to import the MP into production.

I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone of course.  You have to ensure that your overrides are targeting the right classes and not applied to other classes that might be from one of the updated management packs.

The other thing I learned, which I suppose is a known issue, is that consecutive threshold monitors will not display the actual value of the performance counter when they raise an alert or in health explorer.  There was some bug/issue in the model for that monitor.  This was fixed in R2.  If you have the Exchange 2003 MP you might be aware of the Self-tuning threshold monitors that are pretty noisy.  I disabled all of those and created consecutive threshold monitors to replace them, but now operators will have to launch the performance view to see the current value of the monitor.  I really cannot wait to get on R2.

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