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MOM 2005: MSFT Windows Server Base OS MP Issue

This article applies to the MOM 2005 Server Base OS MP version: 05.0.3500.0010 (The latest version)

Tonight I was ensuring that specific counters were collected for CA Message Manager.  We monitor this application and the engineers for it wanted me to add any counters that MOM isn’t currently collecting.

After I installed agents I made some views for CA MM.  I looked at the performance data views and saw about nine counters.  I thought that was odd.  So I did some digging and found that in the MSFT Windows Servers Base OS>Windows 2003>Performance RG some of the counters I wanted to collect were there.  I scratched my head, because this was a W2K3 server.  So I checked the computer groups the RG was bound too.  It was bound to W2K3 Virtual Clusters!  Sweet!  Oh wait, not so sweet.  Why this computer group is even in there is beyond me.  I thought maybe I got drunk one night and decided to do some tweaking and broke it.  However, I checked all my environments and it was the same.  I downloaded the MP from the catalog, imported it with the option to OVER WRITE any changes to my MP and sure enough it was still there.

What does this mean?  That these performance measuring rules are not running against stand alone W2K3 servers.  It also means that someone didn’t QA the MP very well.  Now I have to go check all the other RG’s to see if there are MORE mistakes.

I know not a lot of people are still using MOM 2005, but just imagine if this happens in OM 2007?  Sealed MP targeting the wrong server class?  How fun would that be to fix.  My fix will be to remove the cluster computer group and add the Windows 2003 Server group.


Computer Group bound to the performance RG in W2K3 Servers RG:


MSFT needs to pull this MP, fix it, and repost it.  Otherwise, you need to do the right thing and change it on your own.  It’s up to you if you want to leave the cluster computer group in there.  I doubt you have to since your nodes are W2K3 servers.

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