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HP StorageWorks MP 2.3 for MOM 2005

In the past a lot of people wondered about this management pack.  How good it was for monitoring their HP EVA storage solution.

We have been dealing with this MP since it initially came out.  HP released the 2.3 version of this MP several months ago and it has fixed a lot of the issues we were seeing.

One issue we discovered with an older version of the MP is that a patch to WEBES on our EVA management servers broke feeds to our MOM servers with the WEBES Listener service.  I believe this is a known issue and well documented.

Now we are running the right version of WEBES on our EVA servers and the feeds are working as expected.  In the past you would have to add the "ghost" machines to a computer group, but that is no longer the case, as HP has enabled the MP to now display the server the alert was forwarded from.  In the past you would see the alert on your Management server and the details would show you which EVA system was broken, but now the host and domain appear in the console (remember the management server is raising these alerts via the XML feed similar to SNMP Traps that might be fed in to MOM).

So now when you import this MP you just have to add the management servers that have the webes listener service in to the WEBES listener computer group.  If you are not using SNMP to get alerts from the various hardware components on the EVA’s, then I suggest you disable this RG as it might cause noise.

Outside of the default rules we have added a few performance collection and threshold rules.  I have also added a rule that looks for the DESTA service crashing, if it does crash, then it raises an alert and tries to restart.  Ensure this rule is running against the management server hosting the listener service.

There are a few other customizations I have done per the request of our EVA engineers and the MP has been doing very well.  The next step is testing it with a new version of WEBES that will be rolled out to our EVA boxes as well as testing this MP in SCOM.  From what I can tell this maybe a converted MP, so don’t expect many changes in SCOM.  I will document all of this in more detail as I work through the deployment.

If you are having issues with the EVA MP, then let me know and I will do my best to assist you.  From what I have seen over the past year or so, you shouldn’t be having any new issues.  The only issue you might have is if your WEBES service on your EVA’s is not compatible with the listener service on your management server.

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