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Security: Not just for networks

December 31, 2007 1 comment
I found out on December 19 that security is not just for networks, but for homes too.  On December 19 my truck was broken into and the crooks used the garage door opener to get into my house.  They stole my work laptop, personal laptop, and other small electronic devices from my house.  They took my wallet and car keys and then left, leaving my garage door open.
I was home at the time, but didn’t hear them come in.  My daughter woke me up and asked me why I left the garage door open.  So after all of this I called a few alarm companies and did some research on home security.  I also discovered that my garage door opener (Chamberlin) had a feature for disabling remotes!!!  ARRRG!  I wish I had known this before.  I probably wasn’t paying attention when the installer put it in. 
So now the house is more secure and the police were able to recover my truck, but none of my items.  They arrested three people who had warrents.  They were in a house in Fairfield CA.  The police went to the house to serve the warrents and saw my truck outside.
None of my items (besides the truck) have been recovered.  I will have to testify against the men for the theft of my truck.  I can’t wait to do that.
So if you park outside and have a garage door opener in your car, then you may want to figure out how you can secure your house incase someone breaks in to your car and has access to your garage door opener.
Lesson learned here, but the hard way.
Happy holidays!
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