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The march to SCOM 2007

At work we are finally starting to prepare for SCOM 2007.  There are several reasons why we haven’t jumped right in with SCOM 2007, but I won’t go into the details.  Nonetheless in the various test labs we will have sufficient hardware and storage space to handle these small labs and test configurations.  In production I have submitted the following hardware requests:
Two management servers
One clustered RMS
Two SQL Clusters for the Reporting and Production DB
One IIS server for the web console
One additional SQL server for log shipping from the Production SQL Cluster
SAN attached storage for the Reporting DB
All hardware will be 64 bit.  Most of the servers will have 4 GB of ram, while the SQL boxes will have 8 GB of ram.
Seems a bit much for about 600 agents, but what the hell right?
Another group at work has already deployed SCOM 2007 in one lab and has given me rights to all the boxes.  So when I get some free time I will start to poke around.
Our biggest issue is with the policy that allows you to store credentials locally (used to install and uninstall agents from the management server as well as MOM hot fixes).  Our corporate security disables this policy.  However, I am going to ask them to create another MOM OU that will have this policy enabled so that when I need to install or uninstall agents and hot fixes, we can move the servers to those OU’s temporarily, then move them back.
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