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HP Storage Management Pack 2.0 for HP EVA

Uh oh it’s magic!  NOT.  Since March 23, after updating WEBES on our EVA systems we started having issues with alerts that were fed to MOM via XML from Desta.  I didn’t have time to open a case with HP until a few days ago.
What is the issue?  In a nutshell TESTING.  My hat is off to HP for going above and beyond to get to the root of the issue and being very honest.  Apparently the WEBES engineering team told the group that makes the management pack "nothing changed".  Therefore the group that made the HP management pack for their storage solution didn’t bother to test it for MOM 2005.  They are working on the MP for the next version of MOM, which is good news I suppose (despite not still having an environment for MOM 2005 – maybe they do maybe they don’t).  What difference does it make.  HP has it’s own product for monitoring, so for them to extend out to another platform (MOM) I have to give them credit.
I sent them the information about our systems and all the log files and they were able to recreate the issue and are working on a fix.  The fix should be available in a week or so.
If you are running the latest version of WEBES and the HP management pack (probably any of them) then you probably have noticed that you are getting scripting issues and irregular alerting on your MOM management server.  This is primarily due to both changes in WEBES and the script that HP provided for the response to alerts fed in via XML.
*IF* HP will allow me to post the fix, then I will.  If not, then you will just have to wait for them to release it.
As Borat would say "Very Nice! High Five!"
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