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MOM 2005 in the MOVIES!

If you want to see MOM 2005 in a movie, then watch Firewall with Harrison Ford.  There is a scene where Harrison unintentionally spreads a computer virus via E-mail (at the command of his captor).  For some reason Harrison has another monitor on his desk, and as they zoom in on it you can see that it’s a MOM 2005 ops console with a diagram view displayed.

Dell is all over this movie, but I guess MSFT paid to have their monitoring tool plugged as well.  Kudos MSFT for getting a MOM cameo!  I wonder if Harrison Ford is a MOM MVP!  Sometimes I wish I could use the force to deploy agents and solve MOM issues.  In the end I just go into a wookie rage and destroy my cube.

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  1. Matthew
    June 8, 2007 at 1:15 pm

    Random question but how do they get the alerts and the PC beeps to work? Do you know of a MOM option or plug in for that?
    I\’m investigating having a play and learning about MOM but I would like an audio alert and popup as I don\’t have enough workstations to make watching the MOM console viable and I just don\’t think e-mail alerts are that fun.

  2. Blake
    June 20, 2007 at 10:32 am

    In the MOM RC there is a tool called MOM notification I beleive.  It\’s a small application that you install on your desktop.  I beleive it requires you to have the MOM consoles installed.  Anyway, it will sit in your taskbar, and when a new alert comes in it will pop up.  You can also click on it to show the number of alerts and state in your environment.  If you double click on any of them, then the console will launch.  Its called Operator Console Notifier.  I also believe someone wrote a custom app that would send notification to your IM..

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