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SNMP and MOM: Bug in the script listed in KB 555455

I know there are already several articles and posts about SNMP and MOM, but recently I have been working with SNMP feeds from Conceivium MobileMonitor to MOM and I was/am getting frustrated.
Conceivium outlines how to implement the script MSFT provided via a KB article so that your MOM environment can start to get SNMP alerts from the Conceivium agents.  However, the script MSFT provides is very weak and has a bug in it.  Conceivium does a pretty good job of getting you started monitoring via MOM, but they need to add a few things to their documentation so that people can make use of the SNMP data.  I plan on providing them some documentation that they can use so that other’s can benefit.  I will document what I found here so that you can all benefit from it.  I would also like to thank in advance Pete Zerger, John Hann, and Marcus Oh for dealing with my spam, questions, and random rants.  I should also thank my MSFT contacts Justin Incarnato, Kepp Andrews, Jason Johnson, and Kent Yoo for putting up with me as well.
I have not completed the document as of yet, but I wanted to help those of you who might be running into an issue with alert levels via SNMP traps fed into MOM.
The script listed in the MSFT MOM KB article is this:
Set objEvent = ScriptContext.Event
Set objAlert = ScriptContext.CreateAlert()
objAlertLevel = 50
objAlert.AlertSource = "SNMP"
objAlert.Name = "SNMP Alert"
objAlert.Description = objEvent.Message
objAlert.Computer = Replace(objEvent.EventParameter(11),".","-")
objAlert.ComputerDomain = "SNMP"
ScriptContext.Submit objAlert
I kept changing the value from 50 to something else, but it never changed the alerts that were raised in the console.  This is because the item for objAlertLevel is incorrect.  It should be:
If you change it to that, then you can set the level to the right level of alert that you want.  If you do nothing, then the entire time you will get Critical Errors.
As soon as I finish my document on some SNMP trap tips, I will publish it.
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  1. Pete
    February 14, 2007 at 8:11 pm

    Can\’t wait until OpsMgr 2007 is the standard. They\’ve started to close the SNMP gap providing a means to do a GET. Now we just need the ISVs to step up to the plate and deliver some MPs with some real knowledge baked in. The says of ugly SNMP varbind must end.

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