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MAPI logon error – Case Closed!

So for about a year we have been having a MAPI logon issue on one of our public folder servers.  This is part of the Exchange Management Pack – MAPI logon script.
The hard part for me was to get console access to this Windows 2000 server.  After finally getting permission to use a tool called DSView we were able to have console access so as to debug the script.
I was working the case with James Caudill from MSFT (sharp guy).  He came back and told me from the debug that we were missing a critical MAPI dll in the Windows\System32 folder.  I copied that over from another server and the MAPI logon issue was resolved! 
MSFT had a similar case to this issue, but the client never finished working with them to resolve it.  Now I suspect there might be a KB created detailing the steps we took to resolve this.  If one is created, and you find it, then think of me and all the bogus alerts we had to put up with for so long to get this issue resolved.  The length of the case had nothing to do with the level of service from MSFT, it had to do with co-operation at my workplace.
Thanks James.
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