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We installed the next version of the HP management pack for HP EVA.  It does not get rid of the older computer groups or rule groups, so you will have to delete those, or disable them.
From what I can see there are some differences, but I am not sure it’s enough for us to implement it 100%.
One thing I want to verify is if WEBES can be set up to send alerts to a primary and secondary MOM server (for redundancy).  We were told this feature would be available.
I’ll keep you posted.
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  1. Dan
    January 31, 2007 at 8:41 am

    Hi Blake, I implemented the version 2.0 MP with WEBES 4.5 and I didn\’t see any way to add a second MOM server using the DESTA MOM ON command. I started to write you a review when I installed this back in November \’06! (pasted below)..
    I have only configured the WEBES provider (POP3 is disabled by default). Rather annoyingly the "HP Enterprise Storage SNMP Provider" rule group is bound to "Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Servers" following the import of the supplied .akm, this effectively enables the SNMP provider without you knowing and MOM starts collecting (or failing to if you don\’t have the WMI SNMP provider installed) SNMP trap events. I un-bound this computer group from the rule group.

    By default you still have to disable the setting "disable the execution of custom responses on the Management Servers" as explained in the install guide. However this is not necessary if you modify the “HP Enterprise Storage WEBESEvent Catcher” rule response to execute on the agent computer rather than the management computer. Another thing to watch out for is the permissions on the “C:\\Program Files\\HP\\HP Enterprise Storage” directory, the MOM action account needs read/write/modify on this directory as the response script uses it for logging and temporary files.
    Major Changes
    – The Number of Computer Groups is reduced to two "HP Enterprise Storage SNMP Collection Points" and "HP Enterprise Storage WEBES Collection Points".
    – The installation is broken into two parts "WEBESListener" and "MOM Management Server", so you can install the WEBESEventListener service on a machine other than the Management server.
    – The WEBESEventListener service writes incoming events to the application log with Source WEBESEventListener and Event ID 1010, this triggers the WEBESEvent Catcher which in turn executes a response script “WEBESEventResponseScript”.

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