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Exchange SLA Scorecard woes Part 1

The Exchange SLA scorecard contains about three or four rules.  Two of the most important are in regards to a store being dismounted or mounted.  These two rules are looking for event id’s 9539 and 9523.  These two rules are redundant and do not raise alerts.  In the Exchange Management Pack in the Information Store Service child rule group there are two rules for these events.  The store dismounted is set to raise an alert.
We have a six way cluster (four active virtual servers and two inactive) that had stores dismounted on September 13.  MOM did not alert on this 9539 event, nor did it collect it.  Therefore, when you go to view a report in the Exchange SLA scorecard you don’t see any outages for this cluster.  MOM should have collected these events and even alerted on them, but it did not.
We are working on this issue with MSFT, but so far we haven’t gotten very far.  MSFT recommended uninstalling the agents and reinstalling the agents.  We have done this.  We have also checked configuration for the computer groups and rule groups.  We even ensured that the agents are alerting by doing the end to end monitoring test and creating a separate computer group and rule group for these particular clusters.  Our tests proved that agent communication is working; it’s just a matter of finding out why these events were not picked up by MOM.
I’ll keep you posted as we make progress.
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