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HP EVA Management Pack

June 20, 2006 15 comments

If you have EVA in your environment, then maybe you have tried to deploy the HP management pack for EVA.

The few things I noticed was that HP left two servers in the included tab of the HP Enterprise Storage computer group.  You may want to remove these.

The other thing I noticed is that you may get several alerts from all of your agents for failure to contact WMI namespace.  There is a rule in the MP that looks for a SNMP Trap namespace that can be enabled on the EVA systems.  If you are not using SNMP to alert from the switches and other SNMP capable devices, then you might want to disable this rule.

The computer groups basically include ALL your agents and apply rules to all of your servers.  This is not necessary, so you should remove that criteria, and then include just your command view server and the MOM server that WEBES will send XML feeds too for alerting.

You can feed mom via POP3, SNMP, and XML.  The preferred method is XML.  So when you install this MP, you need to do so on one of your management servers.  The reason that this MP is not just a .akm is because HP installs a service called WEBES Listening Service.  This service will sit on the management server that you want to receive XML alerts from EVA on.

During the set up you will be prompted for POP3 server information, you can skip through that if you will not use POP3 as your notification transport.  After the install, you will need to import the management pack.  Once you have done this, the set up is basically done for MOM.

On your command view server (the server that manages the EVA San), you must ensure DESTA is on and that it is talking to the MOM management server.  At a command prompt you just type “DESTA on” then you enter “DESTA mom on”.  When you do this you will get a prompt for the management server name and port.  The port is a default number and should not need to be changed.  Enter your MOM server name and the port and you are done.

HP does have a test alert that can be generated, however you may want to create a real issue on the SAN to see the alerts that are generated in MOM.  One thing you will notice is that the domain for the command view server might be listed incorrectly in MOM.  If you have multiple domains that EVA is deployed to, then anything that WEBES feeds to MOM will have the correct computer name, but the domain will be listed as the domain where your management server exists.

On the MOM management server, you can turn up logging for the WEBES listening service to ensure it is getting alerts.  There is also an XML document that gets generated in the HP directory. 

When we were initially deploying this management pack we ran into some issues because I changed the computer group formulas and was not including the MOM server that WEBES was alerting too.  However, after a little troubleshooting it became clear that we had to include the management server that is receiving the feeds.

The only other outstanding issue has to do with some additional computers MOM finds.  Each of our command view servers has a MOM agent on them, however in the MOM Admin console we still see the two same servers listed, but with no management server assigned to them and no option to install an agent (in the unmanaged computers view).  There is also another server listed called HPWEBES with a domain HPWEBES.  We have not heard back from HP as to why this is.  This minor issue is harmless, but if you like a clean MOM environment, then this might irritate you. 

The mystery for this has been solved.  HP EVA management servers feed the MOM management server alerts via XML and then the alerts are raised on behalf of the agent by the MOM Management server.  Therefore, these names don’t map one to one with the agents, so they are listed as unmanaged with no management server as the owner.  In drop down lists you can identify these servers because they have a square character after their names.

HP is working on a second version of this management pack that makes things a lot better for you in regards to monitoring EVA with MOM.  The major issue I see so far is that you can only have the WEBES send XML to one management server.  This is a single point of failure.  However I am told that HP is changing this in the new management pack and version of WEBES.

Do you have EVA?  Are you using MOM to monitor it?  Let me know.

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Monitor BB with MOM

June 1, 2006 Leave a comment
Today I did some testing of a third party tool that sends SNMP traps to MOM for BlackBerry issues.  Seems very promising.  When I get the name I will post it.  I forget the name, as I was working with out BB developer.  I was just the MOM monkey setting things up to get the alerts.
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