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Consolidation Rule Fun!

So we want to monitor for a particular event that occurs ten times in a twenty-four hours raise an alert.
I created the alert rule and the consolidation rule and I set it for 30 seconds for testing.  It worked.  I changed the time for consolidation from 30 seconds to 84,000 seconds ran the test again and got no alerts.
I suspect there is a hard limit to the time an event must occur in seconds on a consolidation rule.
I will have to open a case with MSFT and figure this one out.
Marcus Oh told me to stop being lazy and script a solution, but I have to fly him out to California.  Any one want to donate to the Fly Marcus Out Fund?
The way I see it, and from my sources at MSFT, the way the consolidation rule is doing things is like so:
Event rule says: Event # with repeat count > 10
Consolidation rule says: Event # within time period of X
So if you set the time period to be 5 minutes, then the consolidation rule will start counting at the first event, and if at the end of the 5 minutes if there were more then 10 events MOM will alert you.  Ideally you would want to be alerted after 10 events within the 5 minute time frame, however my understanding is that MOM will only alert you if your conditions were matched at the end of the time frame from the first event generated.
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  1. Unknown
    July 31, 2007 at 2:30 am

    Could you please let me know if we could create a consolidation rule even while alerts being generated using a VBSCRIPT as in case of teh Block Analysis script for SQL 2005 and SQL 2005? 

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