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Silect MP Studio: The Next Gen

Do you want more control over MOM?  Do you get a headache thinking about exporting rule groups and comparing them with MPDiff?  Do you grunt when you have to tweak MP’s in production because the load in your labs is nothing compared to production?
Then fret no more and ask your company to get Silect’s MP Studio v 2.0!  I have a NFR copy of this tool and had not installed it for months.  It just sat on my desktop alone and unloved.  Then I got a request from operations teams to export all the rules from MOM so that they could go through them one by one (exciting!) and determine if some could go, be changed, or improved upon.
Installation of the Studio was painless (Win XP Pro workstation w/ MOM consoles).  Since I am a MOM admin and have access to all accounts I was able to get this tool up, connect to our MOM config group and explore.  I was amazed at the level of detail you get when you look at a MP.  Exporting the MP’s is simple, and the layout is magnificent in Excel (XML document).
If you need a method for change control documentation and management, then you definitely need this tool.  Silect really knows MOM, and this tool is a must have for any shop that runs MOM.
I plan on doing a better write up later and a testimonial for Silect’s web site.  Go get it today and tell Randy that Blake sent you!  You won’t get a deal, but maybe he will send me a pen or a T-Shirt.
There are several versions to choose from: Silect MP Studio
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