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Availability MP: My Take – Better late then ever

I finally got back around to this MP and the reports.  I decided to create reports for SQL and Windows and I was very impressed with the data I got out of the reports.  I sent some samples to management, but didn’t get a response as of yet.  I don’t know if that is good or bad, but the more reports the better.  Management loves reports like kids love candy.
I am anxious to get a MCS engagement to get the 1.5 version that supports clustered Exchange.  This is what we are really interested in and these reports should help us achieve five nines.
I would include a sample of the report that is generated, but really what’s the point.  By now this has been over blogged I am sure.
I will tell you that MSFT has discovered some new issues with the MP if you are running MOM on SQL 2005.  Articles showing you how to resolve these issues have been published, so don’t fret!
Get your reporting on!  Show management how reliable their systems really are.
These reports don’t take long to generate, so if you want to take a day off keep that secret to yourself.  When management asks for one of these reports tell them you will "Get ‘er done" and bill eight hours to report generation.  Run the report, go golfing, hit the gym, relax.  You got the MP to work, so you deserve a little "me time".  If you don’t want to golf, or work out, then go get a manicure, massage, or hit up your favorite bar!  But remember to drink responsibly – "The more you know"
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