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Consolidation Rule Fun!

May 31, 2006 1 comment
So we want to monitor for a particular event that occurs ten times in a twenty-four hours raise an alert.
I created the alert rule and the consolidation rule and I set it for 30 seconds for testing.  It worked.  I changed the time for consolidation from 30 seconds to 84,000 seconds ran the test again and got no alerts.
I suspect there is a hard limit to the time an event must occur in seconds on a consolidation rule.
I will have to open a case with MSFT and figure this one out.
Marcus Oh told me to stop being lazy and script a solution, but I have to fly him out to California.  Any one want to donate to the Fly Marcus Out Fund?
The way I see it, and from my sources at MSFT, the way the consolidation rule is doing things is like so:
Event rule says: Event # with repeat count > 10
Consolidation rule says: Event # within time period of X
So if you set the time period to be 5 minutes, then the consolidation rule will start counting at the first event, and if at the end of the 5 minutes if there were more then 10 events MOM will alert you.  Ideally you would want to be alerted after 10 events within the 5 minute time frame, however my understanding is that MOM will only alert you if your conditions were matched at the end of the time frame from the first event generated.
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May 10, 2006 Leave a comment
There have been several new MOM MVP’s lately.  I haven’t even had time to formally harass many of them.  I will get a list soon and link their blogs.
In the meantime CONGRATS on your MVP status!  Now get on those forums!
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MMS 2006

May 10, 2006 Leave a comment
I wasn’t able to attend MMS this year (or last) .  If you did attend what were your impressions?  What did you like the most?  What is something you learned about MOM 2005?  What is something you might have saw about the next version?
Share with me!  Sharing is caring.
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Silect MP Studio: The Next Gen

May 10, 2006 Leave a comment
Do you want more control over MOM?  Do you get a headache thinking about exporting rule groups and comparing them with MPDiff?  Do you grunt when you have to tweak MP’s in production because the load in your labs is nothing compared to production?
Then fret no more and ask your company to get Silect’s MP Studio v 2.0!  I have a NFR copy of this tool and had not installed it for months.  It just sat on my desktop alone and unloved.  Then I got a request from operations teams to export all the rules from MOM so that they could go through them one by one (exciting!) and determine if some could go, be changed, or improved upon.
Installation of the Studio was painless (Win XP Pro workstation w/ MOM consoles).  Since I am a MOM admin and have access to all accounts I was able to get this tool up, connect to our MOM config group and explore.  I was amazed at the level of detail you get when you look at a MP.  Exporting the MP’s is simple, and the layout is magnificent in Excel (XML document).
If you need a method for change control documentation and management, then you definitely need this tool.  Silect really knows MOM, and this tool is a must have for any shop that runs MOM.
I plan on doing a better write up later and a testimonial for Silect’s web site.  Go get it today and tell Randy that Blake sent you!  You won’t get a deal, but maybe he will send me a pen or a T-Shirt.
There are several versions to choose from: Silect MP Studio
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Availability MP: My Take – Better late then ever

May 10, 2006 Leave a comment
I finally got back around to this MP and the reports.  I decided to create reports for SQL and Windows and I was very impressed with the data I got out of the reports.  I sent some samples to management, but didn’t get a response as of yet.  I don’t know if that is good or bad, but the more reports the better.  Management loves reports like kids love candy.
I am anxious to get a MCS engagement to get the 1.5 version that supports clustered Exchange.  This is what we are really interested in and these reports should help us achieve five nines.
I would include a sample of the report that is generated, but really what’s the point.  By now this has been over blogged I am sure.
I will tell you that MSFT has discovered some new issues with the MP if you are running MOM on SQL 2005.  Articles showing you how to resolve these issues have been published, so don’t fret!
Get your reporting on!  Show management how reliable their systems really are.
These reports don’t take long to generate, so if you want to take a day off keep that secret to yourself.  When management asks for one of these reports tell them you will "Get ‘er done" and bill eight hours to report generation.  Run the report, go golfing, hit the gym, relax.  You got the MP to work, so you deserve a little "me time".  If you don’t want to golf, or work out, then go get a manicure, massage, or hit up your favorite bar!  But remember to drink responsibly – "The more you know"
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Townhouse here I come!

May 3, 2006 1 comment
I just found out today that I will be signing papers on May 9 for my
town house in Hercules!  So I will probably start moving on May 12.

I need to get a new garage door, but other then that the place is ready to move in.

It’s an ideal place, close to everything, the kids should be happy.

I can’t wait! 

There will be a house warming, but since I have never done one, it probably won’t be all that wonderful.  

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