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Exchange SLA Scorecard: Part 2

December 7, 2005 4 comments

It seems that there is no work around for the IIS pre-req check.  Also, I was told (and verified in the documentation) that this SLA Scorecard doesn’t work with clustered Exchange servers.  That may be fixed in the next version.

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Exchange SLA Scorecard: Part 1

December 6, 2005 Leave a comment
So we get SP1 installed and I get all my reporting problems fixed in our lab (with a lot of help from some great support technicians at MSFT).  Today I install the Availability MP, Summary Reporting Pack and then I try to install the Exchange SLA Scorecard.
Reading through the install guide I noticed a check for IIS.  I was worried about this, and rightfully so.  I import the akm and then get on my Data Warehouse server (where only SQL is installed).  I launch the MSI and get to the pre-req checker.  The pre-req checker fails and tells me to click "View Log File" button to see what failed.  I click it and nothing happens.  I already know what failed (no IIS).
I try to execute the install using msiexec.  There is no documented way to do a silent install for this msi, but I give it a try and of course it doesn’t work.
So now I am waiting to hear back from MSFT if there is a work around.
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