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New MOM KB Articles:

July 27, 2005 Leave a comment
Do you often wish you could get notifications of hotfixes and issues for MOM?  Or do you like to surf technet from dawn to dusk?
If you want to be notified via e-mail about new KB articles related to MOM, then you need to subscribe to kbalertz!
I have been subscribing to this service for a few years now, and I love it.  I also recently changed my profile so I just get notification about MOM articles.  If you are interested in a MSFT product and want to know when a new kb is released, then you must subscribe to this service.
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MOM Market Share increasing = More Opportunity

July 23, 2005 1 comment
I took this from the MMS 2005 summit:

Microsoft Operations Manager

We love our MOM. This is a great technology, this is a great product. It’s been on the market since October of last year. There is great customer feedback that we’re getting, we’re very excited about the number of customers that are running Microsoft Operations Manager in production today, the number of new customers that signed up to run Microsoft Operations Manager since the product was shipped in October of last year and most importantly the market share of a product that came from behind, a product that came from essentially nowhere to now generates approximately 20 percent market share in the industry.

Microsoft Operations Manager is a very significant element of Dynamic Systems Initiative. Microsoft Operations Manager is what helps us and our industry partners today to take the knowledge about how our systems and our industry partner systems need to be run and operated, put that knowledge into models and deliver it to you in the form of MOM management packs, and that dramatically increases operational efficiencies through delivering this knowledge, through getting this knowledge.

MOM 2005 also has a continuous investment model where basically while the core technology of MOM was shipped last year we continue to innovate and industry partners continue to innovate by delivering those management packs to you on an ongoing basis.

In the last two weeks we announced eight additional management packs for MOM 2005. We made them available for download and we’re essentially announcing them at this conference. Some of those management packs target very specific technologies within the Windows and Microsoft product portfolio. Two of them I want to highlight because they really position Microsoft Operations Manager in the new light and really enable you to use this existing technology for two new scenarios.

First of all, we’ve extended Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 and enabled it to monitor mission critical desktops in your organization. The fact that MOM 2005 agents is very lightweight technology essentially enabled us to capitalize on that and give us the opportunity to deliver the management pack for XP to take advantage of the capabilities.

We also delivered a management pack for monitoring of Web sites and Web Services. This is essentially our implementation of synthetic transition technology, technology that continuously pings the Web site and gives you an idea of how the end users will experience the performance of that Web site.

Now, I realize many vendors in the industry would deliver these technologies to you for a significant premium beyond and above what you’re being charged for systems management. With MOM 2005 pricing and licensing model you just get these technologies with a base Microsoft Operations Manager license, which makes it the most cost effective solution in the industry.

I’m also very excited, very, very excited about the ecosystem of partners that came around to work with us on MOM. There are many of the announcements that are happening at this conference today; in fact, approximately 25 partners come together and make significant announcements on their investment to work with us to deliver complete solutions to all of you.

One of those announcements I want to highlight here. This announcement comes from a relatively small company called AVIcode. And what they’re delivering and they will be delivering later this year is a solution built on top of Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 to help you monitor custom .NET applications. This solution will come in the form of a management pack for MOM and then AVIcode will deliver extensive solutions to build on top of that to allow you to diagnose your applications.

So very exciting deliverables in the MOM area, very great things that are happening and continuous investment that will help you get even more value out of MOM 2005.

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All your base are belong to us!

July 18, 2005 Leave a comment
Who doesn’t remeber this classic?!?!
DL it there or just view it in all its madness here:  All Your Base Are Belong To Us SWF
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MOM 2005 and Share Point Portal Server Web Part

July 17, 2005 4 comments
I have always been interested in trying to get some time to figure out how to integrate MOM 2005 with Share Point Portal Server.  The documentation for the MOM web part in the resource kit is light, but on the money.
This weekend I decided to figure this integration out.  My virtual lab consisted of:
Windows 2003 Domain Controller
Windows 2003 Server with SQL 2000 SP3a
Windows 2003 Server with MOM 2005, SQL Reporting Services, Share Point Portal Server (SPS) 2003 (evaluation version)
I kind of struggled to get SPS 2003 set up.  Install was not that big of a deal, but learning how to create a portal was somewhat time consuming (because I didn’t want to read the manual).  After I got the portal set up I knew I was ready to install the web parts from the MOM 2005 Resource Kit. 
I installed the package without any problems and then went to my portal to add the web part.  It would not allow my web part to be added.  I forgot to set the configuration for my portal to be "trust=FULL".  The resource kit documentation explains what file you have to modify for this to work, but I had over looked it.  After I did the modification I was able to add the web part. 
When you add the web part it asks you to do some customization of the presentation.  I was anxious to see how it looked, so I filled in what I needed and checked several boxes (checking boxes is so easy!).  After I applied my changes I was able to see my alerts in SPS.  You can even click on the alert and it will bring up the image from the web console if you have it installed.  It’s read only, but you can look through all the tabs that the alert has.  Very neat!
The MOM 2005 web part is perfect if you want to present your alerts to management or business units who rely on your applications or services.  If a NOC or Help Desk does not have any direct access to your MOM consoles, then this is also a great way to display that information so that multiple people can view what is going on in MOM without hitting that 15 console connection limit (recommended max console connections by MSFT in order to preserve MOM performance).
My setup was purely for proof of concept.  There are probably more secure and better designs for doing this if deploying into a production environment.  Nonetheless, it is possible the way I did it and it works just fine.  The nice thing about this web part is that it can probably be tuned and added on to so that you can create a nice executive dashboard and get that bonus you probably deserve!
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Microsoft Management Pack Notifier for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005

July 9, 2005 Leave a comment
MSFT has added this MP to the Management Pack download page for MOM 2005.  I suspect this is an updated version compared to the one that is available on the resource kit.  There was a lot of discussion in the newsgroups about a script this management pack used and how it wasn’t working.  Check it out this new release of the MP and see if it will work for you!
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Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 SP1 News

July 7, 2005 Leave a comment
From a post on myITforum:
Link to article
Microsoft will release MOM 2005 Service Pack 1 in August, it will fix the SQL 2000 SP4 and the Windows Server 2003 SP1 issues and also the mutual authentucation restrictions are removed.

Microsoft will also release MOM Sizer 4.0 in August, the sizer is an excel sheet helping you to calculate en plan the deployment of MOM 2005. The 4.0 sizer now also includes reporting.

Microsoft also announced a new warehouse aggregation solution, it scales down wharehouse 80% smaller, allowing to keep 5-8 weeks without loosing data.

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Incorrect version of MSFT SQL Server Reporting Services: KB Article

July 5, 2005 Leave a comment
MSFT has released a KB that will give you the work around if you are trying to install MOM 2005 reporting and have installed SQL Reporting Services SP2.
Here is the KB:  902804
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